Eat Bizza

Haight Pizza!

Bizza, a name derived from the Mediterranean pronunciation of pizza, is an authentic pizza joint located in the heart of the iconic Haight-Ashbury district. With a dash of Mediterranean flare, the menu aims to please a palate as eclectic as the street on which it’s found.

Family owned and operated, the proprietors have been part of the Upper Haight community for years. Fueled by their deep affection for both the neighborhood and exceptional food, they embarked on a mission to craft the most delectable pizza experience in the Haight. If you’ve savored pizza, it’s time to elevate your taste buds with Bizza — a delightful fusion of passion, community, and irresistible flavors!

And now, you can also experience the magic at our San Mateo location. Visit us there to indulge in the same dedication to quality and flavor that has made us a cherished part of the Upper Haight community.